Blog revamp in progress

Hello to all my lovely readers! This has been a long time coming, and you can probably see quite clearly from the lack of recent posts… I have put the blog on hold.

There is a new concept and new content coming soon. It’s been floating around in my head for a while, but I’m finally going to channel these thoughts through the keyboard and eventually onto your screens! Be prepared for some more career chat, but also another favoured topic of mine- conscious fashion.

So I can be held accountable, something new will be coming on the 1st February 2017. I can’t wait (well I could, but then I would just continue to procrastinate).

In the meantime, please follow me on the trusty ‘gram: @lennie_law

Let’s catch up soon!

One year work anniversary

post photoshoot celebration

I celebrated my one year anniversary in the month of May, of being a full-time yo-pro. Congratulations to me, myself and I, and thank you to my family, friends and workplace for all your support. It’s been an enlightening, challenging ride with a few highs, lows and curveballs, but overall, I can happily say it’s been a very positive experience <cue award-show applause here>.

I’m a Marketing Manager for a tourism retail chain, and New Zealand made clothing brand. I was part lucky, and part active enough to find a job in my niche: clothing and textile science, and marketing. Every day, I get to use my university knowledge, which is pleasantly surprising and satisfying: #mydegreeisuseful! I switch from creative to analytical brain at least once an hour, and I number-crunch more than I thought I would, and could! The office is a hub of really patient people who love to share not only their experience, knowledge and wisdom, but their personalities, snacks, and bad jokes too.

Ticking off the #1year is an appropriate time to create a list of achievements and things I’m grateful for in my initial year of yo-pro life. As I move forward, I don’t want to forget what (big, or little) things I’ve done, and enjoyed. In no particular order:

Coordinating a 2 day photoshoot in Queenstown has to be a highlight! Maybe not a swag of long days and nights sorting out samples, outfits, models, looks, props, accessories, suitcases, steamers, runsheets… But this really challenged my patience, time-management and organisational skills. I increased my respect for people that do this on a regular basis (decisions are hard!), but also gained confidence in my ability to #getsh*tdone.

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No longer new

rain-windowWhen I woke up this morning to the surprising sound of actual rain (the air con system of the office building next door makes a noise that sounds like bad weather), I came across a scary realisation. The year isn’t new anymore. In fact, as many of you may be aware, if you keep a diary or actually follow a calendar, it’s mid-April. And if you’re like me, you may have failed to register that fact because your diary ceased to open past February. We are over one third into 2016 and I don’t believe it.

I’ve been in denial of the year’s progression, but I really should have seen the signs. If we live in the same country (#votedbestcountryagainNZ), you might have added an extra layer or two to your body and bed (like me, last week). You may have picked up a sniffle, or a sore throat (like me, two weeks ago). If you’re in the city of Auckland, you can share in my misery that it’s been bucketing down today for about 80% of sunlight hours (if we could see the sun). Ding, ding, ding! It’s safe to say that summer has well and truly bowed out, and Autumn has come sweeping in, leaving a trail of rusty leaves to clog up our drains. I really should have noticed that the year was getting on.

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New year, same office

january_calendar_resolutionsTo me, the ‘New Year’ is always overhyped. First it’s how you’re going to welcome it in, and then it’s all about how you’re going to organise it, control it, optimise it. I like to set goals and turn ideas to reality, but I don’t set New Year’s resolutions, expectations, or make a big fuss of the number change. Even 20 days into the 2016, I still find myself writing 2015 at least once a day. Yesterday, one of my colleagues had a word to me after I had dated three parcels ‘sent 18/01/2015’ in the parcel tracking book. Clearly I haven’t (yet) acquired one of those pretty and practical 2016 diaries that help you keep track of the date #anorganisedlife.

However, I was entering 2016 as a career woman- 9 months of a full time job under my belt, with 52 weeks of full time employment and ladder climbing ahead of me. This particular New Year just had to feel different, right?

On my first day back from annual leave, I had all these expectations.

  1. My inbox would be super full and everyone needed me. I had 8 emails, only 1 which actually required me to take action.
  2. Everyone would look different. I was only away for 10 days and everyone looked just how I left them.
  3. Everyone would think that I looked different, because I had my haircut and tanned 2 shades darker. I had a few “welcome backs” and “oh, haven’t seen you in a while, where have you been?” comments. Guys, I was in Wellington for the holidays- didn’t you see my social media updates of my #summerfun and #goodtobehome moments? Don’t you see that I cut 1 and a half inches off my already short hair?
  4. The office would look different. Surely I would have lowered my expectations by now.

Reality: the office is the same as it was in 2015. We’re all still doing our jobs, working hard (arguably the Nespresso button is being pushed the hardest), and ticking off tasks.

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There’s no place like home


People often ask questions about home: where it is, what it’s like, if you miss it and if you’ll ever go back. It’s a conversation starter, an icebreaker. At the end of 2011, the year I finished high school, if you asked about my home, I would have politely told you, “I love it, and home is home, but I am TOTALLY READY TO MOVE OUT”. On the inside, I was pretty much screaming “CAN I MOVE ALREADY”. I’m sure you all understand me, I just needed a break.

The first time I returned home after I had officially moved out, was when I finished/survived my first semester of university. I had never felt so happy, and so appreciative of the little, but loving home I had grown up in, as I sat by the fire in Dad’s Lazyboy chair and my family milled around me, business as usual. What had felt claustrophobic was now pleasantly familiar, comfortably enclosing me like a mink blanket. What had felt inadequate, dated and confining, now felt just right.

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Choosing yo-pro life over travel life

I’m 9 months into yo-pro life (yo-pro: young professional), and I simultaneously love and hate my decision to take on my career fresh out of university. As I write this, I’ve just finished a 51 hour week, and I’m settling into the couch with some leftovers and a movie, #rager. Why am I not having a drink somewhere? Shouldn’t I be going out? What are my plans for the weekend and why, oh why am I not overseas? Silly questions fill my head and then I make the mistake that only someone in this day and age with a smartphone can make- check Snapchat and feel instantly fomo about not choosing to travel (fomo: fear of missing out- but in this case, just mo: missing out).

One Snapstory is from London, under the glittering fairy lights of Oxford St. The other is a tale from Italy, featuring old buildings, beautiful people, and only the best pizza and gelato in the world. The rest are an enticing and jealousy-inducing jumble of South East Asian sunsets, airport terminals captioned #nextstop<insertexoticlocationhere>, and unescapable #squad pics, featuring pop music, alcohol and all the friends that I don’t share the same city with (which makes me feel 1% better that they just didn’t invite me).

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My (involuntary) unplugged week*

How long has it been since you unplugged yourself from the Internet? Can you imagine doing it? Unfortunately for me, my *five days of being unplugged was a complete surprise, but I handled it better than I thought I would. I just found other things to do, besides Facebook stalking, Insta-trawling and Netflix binging.


My internet stopped working on Wednesday night. It didn’t matter, because I had a friend up from Wellington, and we caught up over dinner and dessert on a balmy Auckland evening.


On Thursday night, with nothing much to entertain me, I did all my housekeeping. Whilst vacuuming, I found the book I checked out six weeks ago and hadn’t opened yet. I took the opportunity to finally get stuck in, and thought, “it’s just one night, Lennie!”. When I next checked the time, it was 2am and I knew the fast-approaching day at work would be a killer.

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Surprising discoveries about 9-5 life

the daily grind

This week at work was awesome- because it was four days short and followed a long weekend. Thank you Labour Day, and thank you Samuel Parnell for leading the lobby for the 8 hour working day, 40 hour working week.

Labour Day used to be “time-and-a-half” day for me, an opportunity which a part-time retail worker, full-time student relished, #getmoney. This year, it came as a very warmly welcomed day off, and I treasured my first Labour Weekend as a yo-pro. When you have three days, you can have a break, but get all your chores done too! I really enjoy working full time, and I expected that I would, but there are a few things about the daily grind that I was surprised to find once I started slogging it out.

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